I might have a crush on Jimmy Fallon.

Twitter is a funny thing.  It enables awkward celebrity crushes in people like me.  A quick word on how I handle awkward situations: I don’t.  I avoid awkward conversations with my boss at almost all costs, and as a result, I’ve barely spoken 10 words together to my boss in years.  Literally years.  I won’t watch awkward reality television, like The Bachelor or Real Housewives of New York, because just WATCHING the awkwardness leads me to feel such awkwardness that I’m cringing with discomfort.  But with Twitter, I can have a public crush on a celebrity like Jimmy Fallon, commenting cheekily about how much he loves his job or how funny his most recent Hashtags segment was, without fear that he will ever, EVER pass my in the hallway and avoid eye contact or something similarly awkward.

But if you’re not watching Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, you’re missing out on some of the funniest TV ever.  And Jimmy Fallon loves his job.  It’s adorable.  So in honor of my “crush” on Jimmy Fallon, here are a couple of my very favorite clips.

I love that Jimmy and Justin can have fun with one another and at the expense of something that, let’s face it, can be pretty ridiculous.  Hashtags.  #Bling #DentalCare #CavityFree #ThatsHowWeDo #WeGoHard

Seriously, even in drag, Jimmy Fallon is adorable.  He’s got “Mom Dancing” nailed in this spoof with Michelle Obama.

Who is YOUR celebrity crush?  Do you ever tweet your love?


5 thoughts on “I might have a crush on Jimmy Fallon.

  1. Allison, I don’t tweet, I bearly facebook, texting, na na I have fat fingers. But I am getting better. Between you and your Mom, you both have serious crushes on Jimmy Fallon. He is funny I will grant you that, and I don’t even get wrapped around the axle when he dresses in drag (though he seems to really like that too LOL). As for me and Celebrity crushes, it has been years since I had a true crush on any celebrity, but the one I did have one on was Farrah Fawcett Majors. I actually met her one day when I was working as a security guard at the NGA. She even spoke to me.So there you have it. Take care, Love Dad

    • Seriously, Twitter makes a celebrity crush dangerous. Because I can easily tweet: “OMG Jimmy I love you!” without a second thought and only get embarrassed later when my students call me out on it!

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