This is the end?

I made it!

This month of blogging has been enlightening and energizing.  I’ve so appreciated having an outlet for some of the thoughts that have been rattling around in my head.  But I’ve discovered that it isn’t really that tough to engage in the practice of writing when I make it a priority.  While I’ve been blogging this month, I haven’t been watching TV (though I still do watch plenty of YouTube).  I haven’t been folding laundry (sorry Stu).  I haven’t been sleeping as much (well, that’s a given).  I have been more observational.  I’ve practiced the craft of writing in such a way that should make my work as a teacher easier, and should help me write novel #2 with some flair.

But 22 posts is child’s play.

I’ve decided to keep it going.  For now, and for the foreseeable future, I’ll be blogging on a more relaxed schedule (I’m thinking Tuesday and Friday).  I hope to blog more photos eventually, once I get better at photography, or once I have less to say.

Thank you ALL for reading.  Thank you to my most loyal commenters (Dad, I’m talking to you).  Thank you to my friends at school who have encouraged me by telling me you think I’m doing a good job.  Thank you for my silent followers who never comment but read everything anyways.  Thank you Stu and Cari for being patient with this endeavor.  Thank you Stu for suggesting that I could be the next Ree Drummond (shows me how much you believe in me).

Click here to check out an infographic I created from this experience (do it!  Click!  It’s really cool!)


In honor of this last day of Camp NaNoWriMo, I thought I’d offer some superlatives for this blogging experience:

Post I’m most proud of: I loved writing and thinking through Thinking about inspiration, because it made me feel scholarly and erudite.  But I’m also really like You may not know because it was just fun (and easy).

Most popular post: A beginning got the most likes, followed closely by Daddy’s girl.  Sure does help that my dad’s followers are some of MY most loyal followers!

My most dedicated follower: My dad.  I’m so lucky to have a dad who loves to support me and my work.  Thank you, Dad.

Best comment: I got an incredibly thoughtful text from a parent when I posted We’ve got spirit, yes we do!  I never set out to get support or validation from this blog, but it has been a happy surprise to hear the wonderful things my friends, colleagues, and followers have to say about what I’ve written.  But that text.  Wow.  Worth the whole month of blogging.

Weakest post: It’s Easter, y’all.  At some point in the future I’d like to write a post about my relationship with Jesus, and I started that post with the intention of doing that relationship more justice.  But it turned out weak.  I’ll do better.  Soon.

Most awkward post: I learned when I posted If I leave, a response to The Daily Post, that I should perhaps warn Stu about my posts, or at least be sensitive to his needs when I post about personal stuff.  He was blindsided by my thoughts in that moment about leaving, or being reluctant to leave Florida.

Anyways, thank you ALL for reading.  Thank you for your support, for your comments in the hallway, for your comments on Facebook and Twitter, for following my blog.  This has been an incredible, enlightening experience.


2 thoughts on “This is the end?

  1. Congrats on completing this month long endeavor–you’re a better woman than I am! And good luck with blogging in the days and months ahead. Blog what you want, when and how you want…it is a simultaneously freeing and challenging enterprise.

  2. Allison, I knew once you got started that you would make it thru the month. You did a lot of work, and were quite creative, I for oine am glad you’re going to stick around and blog somemore. You have great talent, and the necessary flair to write effectively about a ton of subjects. take care, Love Dad

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