Eight Things

Earlier this week, I messaged my friend Chayil for some inspiration about what to write this week.  She challenged me to write 8 things I love about myself and why.  If you know me outside of blogging, this is a real struggle for me, but I’m not afraid of a challenge.  So here goes…

  1. I love my eyebrows.  I’ll never be able to say that my eyebrows are low maintenance exactly, but I’ve always gotten compliments on this random feature of my face.  But they frame my otherwise boring brown eyes, and they are super expressive.  Plus, I don’t have to fill them in, and I’ve never plucked them to the point of needing damage control.
  2. I love that I love to create.  When I have down time from the business of teaching, I’m crafting unit plans, which totally counts as creating, or writing for this blog, or playing with Photoshop or Illustrator.  My second novel is rattling around in my head, waiting to get put on paper.  I love music and art.  It makes me feel whole and fulfilled.
  3. I love my drive to learn.  I take pride in the fact that even though I’ve been teaching for 13 years that I still love to learn more about the craft.  I’m not complacent…  I don’t just dig out my old handouts from the filing cabinet, or from the files on my computer, to teach from every year, but I always ask how what I’ve done in the past can be improved.
  4. I love that I love Jesus.  My relationship with Jesus has grown so much since I was saved in 2004, but I can look back to the person I was before I was saved and see how much my love for my savior has changed me, softened me, grown me.
  5. I love that I’m still moved to tears by experiences.  Perhaps this makes me too tender hearted, but I don’t EVER want to let go of the joy I feel to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July, or to stop crying at worship from the movement of the Holy Spirit, or to let go of the feelings I get when I read an incredible book.  Life would be so boring that way.
  6. I love my relationship with my parents.  It hasn’t always been easy, but I am so grateful to have built a strong, steady relationship with my parents.  I love that I can call them and it isn’t hard to just talk or share our days.
  7. I love that when I wear purple, my eyes look green.  Brown eyes are pretty boring, even though Van Morrison memorialized them pretty spectacularly.  But in my first year of teaching AP, a student asked me to look at her.  So I did.  And she looked back at me with such an intense stare that I was left to wonder if I had something in my nose.  When she finally looked away, I asked her what that look was all about.  She said, “Oh nothing.”  It turns out she was using me as the inspiration for a poem I had asked them to write, and she had complimented my hazel eyes (!)  What a nice compliment that was, and how random that I remember it even now.
  8. I love my naiveté.  Let’s face it, this one isn’t always a good thing.  But I’ve found myself blinded to a number of things this year, and when all was revealed, I realized how lucky I was to have missed the signs of something obvious.  As a result, I was less stressed about the possibility of something scary, and while I wasn’t thinking or stressing about it, I was able to be pretty relaxed.

OK, Dad…  I challenge you to do the same!


7 thoughts on “Eight Things

  1. Allison, there are about a zillion people in the world you could have challenged, or you could have made it a global challenge for anyone to respond to, but no you didn’t do that, you stuck you finger out and you poked me, and not only that, you gave Mom a free pass. This is going to be a real struggle, because I doubt if there are 8 things I like about myself, but I will try. Here goes nothing. Love Dad

    1) I love that at Christmas time little kids have mistaken me for Santa. Several times over the years I have been confused for Santa and it has tickled me to no end. I have even recounted some of the more notable times in a post on my blog.

    2) I love now my hair (this includes my beard) has turned out, from being bright burnt red to almost snow white over the years. My hair is by far my best feature. BTW I have always claimed to have hazel eyes and no one has ever argued it. I also think you have beautiful eyes.

    3) I love the fact about myself that I am as loyal as a dog. And that you can crap on me more than once and I won’t turn against you. That it is extremely easy to earn my trust and almost impossible to lose it once you have it.

    4) I love writing my blog, and I am grateful your mom brow beat me into writing it. I will re-blog this post to my blog once I have added my comment. My blog has become a wonderful outlet for me, and I feel I have used it wisely. I know over the past 2 years I have made folks, laugh, giggle, think, cry, and reflect. It has been so gratifying getting feedback from folks, that my blog has made them more aware of COPD, or my telling of a tale has reminded them of so joyful even.

    5) I love the fact that I helped create you. And because of you I have a wonderful granddaughter I love with all my heart. You are my love, and always will be.

    6) I love how successful I turned out, considering the road I started down with I was in my late teens. There are very few folks outside of family that knew me when I was a kid, or a junior trouble maker, but I would hazard a guess that none of the teachers I had at Fern Creek ever thought that I would be as successful as I was.

    7) I love my sense of humor, that I can make folks laugh and giggle, that I can defuse a situation by injecting some humor into it. Sometimes I feel my entire life has been a punch line.

    8) Finally I love how when I read I can interject myself into a character. When I read a Lee Childs Jack Reacher book, I become Reacher, or if it’s Stuart Woods, I become Stone Barrington, or John Sandford I become Lucas Davenport. I have the dialog down pat, the moves, the shakes, I am the character. Of course all this is in my head, and if you look at me I still appear to be a couch potato reading a book.

  2. Reblogged this on Dealing with COPD and commented:
    My Daughter, wrote this lovely posts about the 8 things she loves/likes about herself. Then she challenged me to find 8 things about me I love. My response is in the comments to her post. Take care, Bill

    • Huntie, My daughter is very talented, and she sure didn’t get it from me. So her talent must be rubbing off on me. Doing those 8 things was a real challenge. Take care, Bill

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