It’s Easter, y’all!

Tonight is Easter Sunday, and I’m sitting in my pajamas watching Pitch Perfect with my little girl.  She’s up a little late tonight because after coming home from church and a long brunch, we all rested a little too long.  It feels like a pretty ordinary Sunday.  But so much about today is extraordinary.

I don’t remember much about Easter growing up; my folks made me Easter baskets, and sometimes I went to church with my neighbors across the street.  I don’t remember elaborate meals or new dresses and fancy hats.  Honestly, I don’t know that I understood the significance of the day at all.  But when I was 23 years old, I watched The Passion of the Christ and committed my heart and my life to a savior who subjected himself to so much for me.  My life changed forever.  The next week I went to my first church service on Easter that actually meant something.  When I understood how Jesus suffered on the cross, I finally understood how his resurrection was such a big deal.  Then the Easter I had celebrated as a child, the Easter of bunnies, candy, and new shoes seemed insignificant.

Today, my family celebrated Easter by serving at our church.  I worked with the media team, Stu served on the welcome team, Cari… well, I saw her a few times, but mostly she ran around like she owned the place.  We sang and laughed and cried (I did, anyway) and prayed a lot.  Cari got an Easter basket, of course, and we even shared a delicious meal with my dad, complete with endless mimosas.  It hasn’t been a fussy Easter, but a peaceful, joyful one.

How did you celebrate Easter yesterday?  Does your family have significant traditions?